At Avrasya Hospital where Urlu Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş. will render health care services, Avrasya Hospital International Patients Office will be founded which will establish and carry out physical, technical and administrative infrastructure aimed at international patients. Under the International Patients Office; - the International publicity and contracts unit- translation unit for the International patients– the International patient registration unit, -the International Patients’ Resting Lounge –the International Training Hall will be established. Basic activities of the International Patients Office include:

  1. International publicity and conclusion of corporate contracts : Making the hospital known in the international arena, signing corporate contracts and operational conduct of these contracts
  2. Providing international patients with translation and guiding services: Enhancing diversity and quality of services offered to our patients by assisting medical and non-medical processes inside and outside the hospital of international patients who will receive services at our hospital
  3. Arranging trainings required for hospital personnel and patient relatives: Improving professional skills of our hospital’s existing administrative staff members by way of trainings to be offered and exalting our hospital’s corporate culture to an international level by helping staff members gain a vision for looking at incidents with an international focus. Ensuring that diversity and quality of services rendered for international patients is improved by making sure that patient relatives are given post-treatment home caring service trainings
  4. Coordination of international standardization and accreditation : Assuring coordination by configuring administrative and systemic infrastructure required to adopt international standards by enhancing administrative, technical and physical infrastructure deficiencies of our hospital and enhancing and registering quality of service so rendered in this way
  5. Developing collaborations across the sector: Cooperating with local stakeholders so that needs of our international patients such as transportation outside the hospital, accommodation, shopping, product or service purchase can be easily met.